Alzheimer Touch Quilts

This is a joint project with the Stitches from the Heart Quilt Guild. Bernice Wennerstrom has taken over the co-ordination of the Alzheimer Touch Quilt Project and we will be getting together at the store to work on the quilts the last Friday of each month. Come and help any time between 10 and 4.

Pet Beds for

We save our soft fabric scraps to make pet beds for these two groups. If you would like to help, please bring your soft fabric scraps to the store (Sewing Scraps only – no old clothes please). Make sure there aren’t any pins or other non-fabric items in with them). You can also make the beds yourself (that would be great!) - Just stuff an old pillow case with your sewing scraps and sew the end closed. If you don’t have old pillowcases you can make a similar sized bag (or even smaller) instead. You can drop them off at the Humane Society on Second Line, the Animal Assistance Group on Albert St. or at the store and we will drop them off for you.


We collect empty thread spools and make them available to anyone who wants them so feel free to drop some off or pick some up.